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Noel Fielding was born in Westminster (UK) on the 21st of May 1973. He was born to Diane and Ray Fielding and has one younger brother, Michael Fielding.

Other than his love and talent for comedy, Noels first passion has been art. He studied at Croydon Art College and BCUC (Buckingham Chilterns University College) as a visual artist.
He discovered his love for comedy when still being in college. One day he had to do a performance speech based on a book. His fellow students taught it was the funniest thing ever. Impressed by this success he started trying some standup. Still in school Noel used to go see Julian perform in small comedy clubs and after they got to know each other they pretty soon started doing comedy together (for more info on the Boosh History Click Me).

Besides The Mighty Boosh Noel stared in several TV shows like: Unnatural Acts, Nathan Barley, The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Although finding his place in comedy he never gave up his love for art and painting. He creates the designs for sets and characters on the Mighty Boosh and at the end of 2007 Noel got some of his artworks shown at the Gallery Maison Bertaux in London.

Noel being an outgoing and open person likes to take part in different quiz and panelshows. He joined teams with Russell Brand on The Big fat Quiz of the Year 2006 and created the characters of the "Goth Detectives" during the show, which they even took to stage together on the Teenage Cancer Trust 2007. Furthermore he appeared on Never mind the Buzzcocks in 2007 as a guest. Later that year he replaced Bill Bailey as team captain for three episodes, before becoming a regular captain in 2009, replacing Bill Bailey again who quit the show in 2008.

Noel as a huge music fan appeared in several music videos. Mainly of bands he's friends with; like Mint Royale's "Blue Song", Razorlight's "In the Morning" and lately Kasabian's "Vlad the Impaler". Being in a long-term relationship with Robots in Disguise singer Dee Plume at that time, Noel starred in their "Girls" and "The Tears" Video and had a small appearance in the video to "Turn it up". Also he used to join Robots in Disguise aswell as befriended band IMAX on stage as a bass player.

He has also been known to DJ, often hitting the decks at The Barfly in London alongside with Dave Brown under the name of The Doctor and the pencil or with the all-girl DJ collective Team Disgusting, where he performs as King Disgusting.


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